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Andreas Wilhelm

How does one know how something smells? Andreas Wilhelm – a highly gifted nose from Zurich, who has over 10,000 nuances in his head. He tells stories with his scents. A new scent always initially originates in his head. The perfume expert explains that a good perfume is characterised by the harmony of its fragrances. The son of a gifted perfume expert, he learned from his father that the receptors in the mouth divide taste into nuances, but the nose is decisive for recognition. This is how the ability to break down and filter out the endless pallet of chromatic nuances for scents and smells was placed in his cradle, so to speak. When he smells a scent today, a recipe book opens in his head with a flower meadow, an opening in the woods and fruit orchards.

“I smell things in an almost perfect way.”

The professional success of Andreas Wilhelm speaks for itself. Andreas Wilhelm is one of the most renowned perfumers of our time, whose talent and expertise is cherished worldwide. The most difficult thing about creating a perfume is translating his ideas into a scent in such a way that it corresponds to his expectations. The demands he puts on his olfactory creations are enormous.